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Ready to Order?

Here's the step by step process:

1. Visit our Web Site

- Fill out the quote form or call us to discuss your project. 

2. Get an Estimate

- Submit the Free Quote form (at the bottom of this page), making sure to include all the project information, please be as detailed as possible and include all relevant information regarding your project. This will guarantee you an accurate quote.

- Within 48 hours you will receive a written project quote (sent via E-Mail as a PDF File)

3. Make an Appointment for Templating

- If the quote is acceptable call or email us to schedule an appointment to template the project.

- Templating is required on all projects to ensure exact measurements.

- The existing countertops may have to be removed at the time of templating.

- If the costumer is installing a new sink or cook-top, the new items must be present when creating a template.

- All cabinets must be fully installed.

- 50% deposit is required on the day of templating.

4. Visit Our Showroom and Choose Your Stone

- We encourage customers to visit our showroom and view samples of our selection. Once you decide on a stone, we will send you images of available slabs of natural stone. If using Engineered stone, we will arrange for the stone to be sent to us by the manufacturer. 

5. Fabrication

- Once the template is created and stone is selected we will start fabrication process. This is where we cut the stone to the size and shape of your project using the measurements taken during templating.  

6. Installation

- After the stone is fabricated, it's ready for installation.

- Installation will take place approximately 1 week from templating, this will also depends on your schedule and availability.

- A typical installation will take between 2 and 4 hours.

- Payment of the remaining balance is due before installation.