A.L.C in Soho

This month we had the honor of working on Andrea Lieberman's new retail location, A.L.C. in Soho.
We helped to create an elegant presentation of the space by fabricating a luxurious centerpiece,  a table created from a solid piece of Red Levanto stone!

alc red levanto.png

The interior design of the space was featured on Vogue.com

View the full article here: https://www.vogue.com/article/alc-andrea-lieberman-first-store-new-york

The Most Elegant Tiles Around!

If you are looking for a tile that closely resembles a work of art, look no further...
We are currently carrying the full line of Elalux Tiles at our showroom in Brooklyn!

These tiles are dripping with elegance and provide any room with the essence of gilded age extravagance and luxury combined. Take a look at the photos below to see how masterfully these tiles can provide individual sophistication to any area of the home. 

elalux tiles brooklyn
Elalux tiles nyc distributer
elalux tiles reseller nyc
elalux tile closeup detail
elalux tile in bathroom

To see the full line of Elalux Tiles in person, come by our showroom located at 166 2nd. Ave. Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Absolutely, Absolute Black Granite!

If you're after a modern, sleek & solid look, then absolute black granite may be for you! This material is great if you're looking for a natural stone and don't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining it throughout the years. Absolute black granite is rich in color and if polished will be a very deep dark black.

If you prefer a matte look, you will want to have the stone honed which will make it appear to be a very dark gray. Honed absolute black granite requires some minimal maintenance, which is why we make sure all our honed counters are sealed to prevent staining.

Below is our most recent installation of honed absolute black granite. This is a wrap-around counter with a foot tall backsplash and waterfall legs. We make sure all installs are seamless and can use mitered edges to create the appearance of thicker stone. This counter is made from 3 CM absolute black granite with mitered edges adding 1 CM to each edge.

absolute black honed granite.png

Calacatta 3CM Kitchen Counters

We love working with natural stone! These counters (pictured below) are made from 3 cm Calacatta Marble. 

Calacatta Marble creates a more dramatic look than other similar types of marble. With its deep grey vein patterns and classical appearance, choosing calacatta will make an everlasting impression on anyone visiting your home. 

We also offer Stone Sealer with all of our natural stone counters, so you need'nt worry about stains in your newly installed marble counters. 


Why Use Natural Stone Sealer?

Stone sealer is used to protect the stone from stains that impregnate the pores of the stone's surface. The stone sealer itself, when applied, penetrates into the stones surface and once dry leaves behind a solid resin. This resin clogs the marbles pores to prevent stains from soaking in. 

Stone sealers are a great product to prevent the discoloring of marble caused by spills, oils and cooking grease. However, sealers are not capable of restoring or polishing marble. If you have existing stains, you will need to sand down the marble to remove the stain, then use the sealer to prevent further damage and discoloration. 

Understanding the function of the stone sealer is very important to determine when the application is appropriate.  

We will now be providing stone sealer to our of our customers purchasing natural stone. If you have purchased a natural stone counter from us within the last 12 months, please inquire about our stone sealers and we will give you a bottle free of charge!

stone sealer foro marble.jpg

This Month's Popular Stone: Cambria Ella

We have yet another job that calls for Cambria Ella quartz! This stone features a lattice of lines and intersections embedded in a marbled dove-gray background. 

The tricky part about this stone is that the grain pattern is very broad and noticeable, so if you're choosing it for your home make sure you work with a certified Cambria fabricator like us!

We ensure the stone is cut in the correct direction and that all grains match up accordingly to leave a seamless appearance in your kitchen. 

cambria ella seamless.png
cambria ella seamless sink.png

Cambria Ella - Kitchen Island & Counters

Here's a few images from a recent install of Cambria Ella counters. Cambria is a brand of high quality quartz material and a perfect choice for high use areas such as kitchen counters. 

The island counter has a mitered edge going all around to give the seamless appearance of a much thicker piece of stone. 
The sink is a fashionable farm sink that is set under the counter top, creating a very sleek & elegant design.

Best Edges for Small Kitchens

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to style, and countertop edges can transform the entire style of a kitchen. From very simplistic to ornate edges, your kitchen may be best suited for a particular style to create the appearance of a roomier area with more space. 

Very ornate edges draw the eyes attention and will be the main focal point of a small kitchen taking away from other features. These types of edges are best suited for larger kitchens as they also limit the usable surface area of counter space.

Your best bet with a small kitchen is to go simple. Eased edges are a perfect choice! The smoothed out corners do not distract from other design elements and complement all kitchen interior design styles. You can opt for either a single or double eased edge depending on personal style.

If eased edges are too plain for you, another great option is a beveled edge.
Beveled edges create a very sharp and modern look. These are great for small areas and are used for table tops, fire place mantels and window ledges as well as kitchen countertops. They also go with almost any modern interior design and provide optimal surface area.

These two choices are also easy to clean because they lack any grooves that collect dirt and residue. 

eased edge kitchen counter
beveled edge.jpg