Top Quartz Interior Design Styles for 2019

We’re happy and excited to be featured in a post by our friends over at Econ Granite down in Plano, Texas. They’ve written a great article detailing the top design styles and trends using quartz in kitchens and bathrooms.

Read the full article here: Top Quartz Interior Design Styles for 2019

Photo Courtesy of Econ Granite

Photo Courtesy of Econ Granite

Silestone is trending!

We have another project this week using Silestone Quartz! This one uses Silestone Lusso, which has a natural looking pattern and grain similar to certain exotic marbles. Our client decided on an 'ogee' edge which is a traditional decorative element and looks great in modern Gothic homes. 

silestone lusso ogee edge

Quartz - Calacatta Marble Kitchen Counters

Calacatta Marble is an exquisite yet expensive choice when choosing stone for your kitchen counter top. This is why we offer options that create the same look and visual appeal at a fraction of the price. Quartz is a man-made material that is engineered to look the same as various natural stones including popular types of Marble and Granite.

Below are photos of kitchen counters (Work-In-Progress) we recently fabricated from man-made Quartz, bearing an uncanny resemblance to pure Calacatta Marble.