Best Edges for Small Kitchens

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to style, and countertop edges can transform the entire style of a kitchen. From very simplistic to ornate edges, your kitchen may be best suited for a particular style to create the appearance of a roomier area with more space. 

Very ornate edges draw the eyes attention and will be the main focal point of a small kitchen taking away from other features. These types of edges are best suited for larger kitchens as they also limit the usable surface area of counter space.

Your best bet with a small kitchen is to go simple. Eased edges are a perfect choice! The smoothed out corners do not distract from other design elements and complement all kitchen interior design styles. You can opt for either a single or double eased edge depending on personal style.

If eased edges are too plain for you, another great option is a beveled edge.
Beveled edges create a very sharp and modern look. These are great for small areas and are used for table tops, fire place mantels and window ledges as well as kitchen countertops. They also go with almost any modern interior design and provide optimal surface area.

These two choices are also easy to clean because they lack any grooves that collect dirt and residue. 

eased edge kitchen counter
beveled edge.jpg