Carrara Grigio Kitchen Counters and Island

This is an up-close look at our current work in progress installation of Carrara Grigio Quartz.
The counter tops were just installed and fit perfectly into space. We'll be installing the backsplash next which will seamlessly match the counters.

Neolith Installation

Neolith is an engineered stone with amazing characteristics. It is high temperature resistant and scratch resistant. This stone is perfect for high-traffic areas and is UV resistant.

Neolith is a high-performance material, ideal for kitchen countertops. This is truly an all-purpose fool-proof material. If you have children and tend to prepare meals at home, we suggest a high quality engineered stone such as Neolith. Does not scratch, does not stain, is heat, fire and heavy-duty cleaning agent resistant, and, thanks to the extremely low absorption rate of technical porcelain, ideal for food contact and processing. These unique physical properties make NEOLITH a versatile product with high technical and aesthetic performance.

We recently worked with Vesta Kitchen & Bath to install the Neolith kitchen counters below: