Calacatta Kitchen Counters

We love working with homeowners to help bring their vision to life!

This kitchen is beautifully designed using luxurious calacatta marble for the solid surfaces. We specialize in working with natural stone and can find any type, color and pattern you desire.

When you visit our showroom you’ll browse through a variety of natural and engineered stone. We can help you decide on the perfect material for your home.

For an estimate on your project, please fill out our quote form and we will get back to you with a price and begin working with you or your interior designer on your project.

Calacatta 3CM Kitchen Counters

We love working with natural stone! These counters (pictured below) are made from 3 cm Calacatta Marble. 

Calacatta Marble creates a more dramatic look than other similar types of marble. With its deep grey vein patterns and classical appearance, choosing calacatta will make an everlasting impression on anyone visiting your home. 

We also offer Stone Sealer with all of our natural stone counters, so you need'nt worry about stains in your newly installed marble counters. 


Quartz - Calacatta Marble Kitchen Counters

Calacatta Marble is an exquisite yet expensive choice when choosing stone for your kitchen counter top. This is why we offer options that create the same look and visual appeal at a fraction of the price. Quartz is a man-made material that is engineered to look the same as various natural stones including popular types of Marble and Granite.

Below are photos of kitchen counters (Work-In-Progress) we recently fabricated from man-made Quartz, bearing an uncanny resemblance to pure Calacatta Marble.