Absolutely, Absolute Black Granite!

If you're after a modern, sleek & solid look, then absolute black granite may be for you! This material is great if you're looking for a natural stone and don't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining it throughout the years. Absolute black granite is rich in color and if polished will be a very deep dark black.

If you prefer a matte look, you will want to have the stone honed which will make it appear to be a very dark gray. Honed absolute black granite requires some minimal maintenance, which is why we make sure all our honed counters are sealed to prevent staining.

Below is our most recent installation of honed absolute black granite. This is a wrap-around counter with a foot tall backsplash and waterfall legs. We make sure all installs are seamless and can use mitered edges to create the appearance of thicker stone. This counter is made from 3 CM absolute black granite with mitered edges adding 1 CM to each edge.

absolute black honed granite.png

Absolute Black Granite

Here are some images from this week's most recent installation of Absolute Black Granite counter tops. The counter tops perfectly complement the white marble tiles and pearlized backsplash. They also feature a very modern and sleek eased edge.

Black granite is a long lasting natural stone that has a consistent color and texture. Great for both indoor and outdoor applications, for use as counters, flooring and stone cladding.

absolute black granite counters
absolute black granite eased edge counter