Top Quartz Interior Design Styles for 2019

We’re happy and excited to be featured in a post by our friends over at Econ Granite down in Plano, Texas. They’ve written a great article detailing the top design styles and trends using quartz in kitchens and bathrooms.

Read the full article here: Top Quartz Interior Design Styles for 2019

Photo Courtesy of Econ Granite

Photo Courtesy of Econ Granite

Panda Bookmatched Wall

The design of this bathroom is truly stunning and we are proud to have helped make this vision a reality. The placement of the bookmatched marble slabs perfectly frames the bathtub for an awe inspiring effect. Imagine viewing this every morning, what a beautiful way to start your day!

We work with architects, interior designers and contractors to create the home of your dreams. If you have a project that needs superior custom stonework, contact us!

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Marble and Granite Backdrops for Photoshoots

Looking for marble for photoshoots? Our remnant yard is the perfect atmosphere for your next lifestyle photoshoot!

Full of various types of stone, we have small pieces that work perfectly to enhance product shots, and larger pieces that create an elegant and sophisticated background for models.

The remnant pieces include marble, granite and colorful quartzite stone left over from some of our previous projects.

We sell pieces ‘as is’ and ready for pick-up (please come prepared with a way of transporting them), or you can schedule a time to come by and shoot in our remnant yard. Both options are available.

Photoshoots in the yard are priced at an hourly rate. Please contact us for more info!

Email for photo inquiries:

Custom Bathroom Vanity & Tiles - Full Remodel

We work with teams of skilled craftsmen and installers of intricately designed tile mosaics. These beautifully designed bathrooms are the result of precise measuring, 40 years of experience & mastery of stone cutting & installation.

We would love to work with you to help create the dream home you envision!

Pure White Counters in Luxury Manhattan Apartment

Here’s some photos from our last project of Beautiful Pure White counters in an apartment overlooking midtown Manhattan.

Intermix Clothing Photo Shoot

We had the opportunity to once again work with our long time client, Intermix Clothing. We have created luxurious displays in their retail locations and now our stone work is being featured in their latest photoshoot. It’s amazing how the clothing pops so well against the various types of stone!

We supply stone to all types of businesses. Just let us know what you need and we are happy to get you a quote. Whether it’s for a reception desk or to be used in a luxury clothing photoshoot, we handle all your stone needs.

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New Kitchen Install - Counters, Island, Accent Wall and Backsplash

Here are a few progress shots from a brand new kitchen renovation.

Alleanza Quartz Kitchen Island

Thinking about getting marble counters but afraid of the maintenance?  Look no further!  We just installed these beautiful Alleanza Quartz countertops which are made to replicate the stunning appearance of Arabascato Marble. 

If you're a bit messy in the kitchen and want to maintain a pristine surface, you should consider quartz as an option for your counters. Quartz is easy to clean and hard to stain due to its non-porous surface. 

We offer all colors and styles of Alleana Quartz as well as many other brands to suit your style.

Our showroom is located at 166 2nd Ave. Gowanus, Brooklyn. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. 

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