Cambria Ella - Kitchen Island & Counters

Here's a few images from a recent install of Cambria Ella counters. Cambria is a brand of high quality quartz material and a perfect choice for high use areas such as kitchen counters. 

The island counter has a mitered edge going all around to give the seamless appearance of a much thicker piece of stone. 
The sink is a fashionable farm sink that is set under the counter top, creating a very sleek & elegant design.

Best Edges for Small Kitchens

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to style, and countertop edges can transform the entire style of a kitchen. From very simplistic to ornate edges, your kitchen may be best suited for a particular style to create the appearance of a roomier area with more space. 

Very ornate edges draw the eyes attention and will be the main focal point of a small kitchen taking away from other features. These types of edges are best suited for larger kitchens as they also limit the usable surface area of counter space.

Your best bet with a small kitchen is to go simple. Eased edges are a perfect choice! The smoothed out corners do not distract from other design elements and complement all kitchen interior design styles. You can opt for either a single or double eased edge depending on personal style.

If eased edges are too plain for you, another great option is a beveled edge.
Beveled edges create a very sharp and modern look. These are great for small areas and are used for table tops, fire place mantels and window ledges as well as kitchen countertops. They also go with almost any modern interior design and provide optimal surface area.

These two choices are also easy to clean because they lack any grooves that collect dirt and residue. 

eased edge kitchen counter
beveled edge.jpg

Solid Marble Carving & Table

This week we had an interesting project carving a cylinder out of a solid block of carrara marble to be used as an end table.

We also created a table made completely out of solid carrara marble! Check out the pics below:

Absolute Black Granite

Here are some images from this week's most recent installation of Absolute Black Granite counter tops. The counter tops perfectly complement the white marble tiles and pearlized backsplash. They also feature a very modern and sleek eased edge.

Black granite is a long lasting natural stone that has a consistent color and texture. Great for both indoor and outdoor applications, for use as counters, flooring and stone cladding.

absolute black granite counters
absolute black granite eased edge counter

Caesarstone Nougat - Countertop Installation

Installation of a Caesarstone Nougat counter top!
Quartz is a great stone when you're in need of a more durable and nearly indestructible material. Quartz stone is also virtually non-porous, so you will not have to worry about spills and stains ruining your counters, just make sure they are sealed and regularly cleaned.

Caesarstone Nougat countertop
Caesarstone Nougat

Caesarstone Nougat

Silestone is trending!

We have another project this week using Silestone Quartz! This one uses Silestone Lusso, which has a natural looking pattern and grain similar to certain exotic marbles. Our client decided on an 'ogee' edge which is a traditional decorative element and looks great in modern Gothic homes. 

silestone lusso ogee edge

Crema Azul Granite - Outdoor BBQ Area

One of the best things about granite is that it is perfect for any area, including the outdoors! Granite is one of the toughest natural materials for outdoor countertops and can withstand the elements without issue. Granite counters will keep their colors in direct UV sunlight and will prove to last a lifetime. 
Below is a recent install of an outdoor granite BBQ area. The countertop is made from 3CM Crema Azul Granite. We recommend using 3CM for most outdoor applications and especially if using the counter for food prep. 

crema azul granite
crema azul granite bbq
Up close look, granite BBQ AREA & Countertop

Up close look, granite BBQ AREA & Countertop

Silestone - Zeus White Extreme

If you're looking for a pure white counter top, then look no further than Silestone's Zeus White Extreme. We recently used this material for a kitchen counter top renovation and the results are amazing! 
We're certified Silestone fabricators and can help you choose the best material for your kitchen or bathroom counters. 

Perfect for a crisp and clean appearance!

Perfect for a crisp and clean appearance!